The Art of Surviving Grief

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Travis' funeral

This topic was actually requested by a friend of mine and I feel it is a crucial topic for everyone. Honestly at some point everyone will experience this inevitable facet of existence. Whether it be through the loss of a loved one or leaving behind a phase of life. Such as our youth or a wonderful moment that will soon end.

  When people hear the word grief the first thing to pop into their mind is death. Though, grief does not necessarily have to do with only death. Someone going through a divorce, break-up, the end of a friendship and even the loss of something inanimate could actually experience grief. I know people who grieve over the loss of their car. At some point in our life we will all have to go through the grieving process.

According to Kubler-Ross there are five stages of grief. Which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I know a lot of people who  have gone through this process. Most of them do not grieve in this particular order or in the same way but it is grieving nonetheless. 

One thing that I feel everyone deserves to know is that it is ok to grieve and the best way to get through it is to give yourself time to heal. For example, if you lost a friend reminisce on the good times you had. Look at old pictures or read old text messages and remember the jokes they told. While doing this do not by any means slip into denial about the loss. You must learn to accept your loss and this for some people will be the hardest part.

Talk about it or write your feelings down. If it’s a person, have a conversation with that person as if they were sitting right in front of you. Talk to others about what you’ve lost without being obsessive. Know that it is ok to feel pain and hurt. This can be both mental or physical. Do not try to block it out with alcohol, or drugs because once you sober up the feelings will still be there. So deal with them head on rather than prolonging your pain. Do not blame yourself or hold on to your regrets. Death and parting with what we cherish in this life is inevitable. This will happen whether we play a roll in it or not. So, blame is a variable that plays no part in the equation of life, loss, or grieving. Lastly,remember. Thoughts have proven time and again that anyone could be kept immortal. After all, look at Marilyn Monroe, Benjamin Franklin and  Julius Caesar.


3 thoughts on “The Art of Surviving Grief

  1. Wow babe this was really insightful. I have many friends who have recently been through grief and they are not connected to a death of a loved one. I completely understand grief and it’s effect on everyday life. Its hard to ignore and accept. I always feel torn between the two. I try to ignore but it always creeps it way back into my thoughts. Denial is a big flaw of mine, making acceptance really difficult. Blaming myself always seems like a great way to avoid the situation but it only makes it harder on myself, creating insecurities. At the end of the day it is only me going through this self torture, so I tell myself that life waits for no one and if I want to live it then I will have to match it’s pace, not letting anything slow me down. Acceptance is hard but life wouldn’t be life without adversity.

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  3. Fox Mulder says:

    Great post! I’m proud of you and I know Travis is too. More please!

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